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You can’t avoid creating waste as you cook, no matter how hard you try. Trash compactors and recycling bins are good solutions to your trash disposal needs, and a garbage disposal is the perfect addition to help with food disposal.

A garbage disposal is a machine designed to grind up food waste from your sink. The disposal is fitted to the waste pipe of your kitchen sink, with a variety of sizes available for different sinks. Garbage disposals come in two standard models ’ batch-feed and continuous feed. Continuous-feed garbage disposals are turned on with a switch as you run water, and will grind food waste as long as the switch is flipped. Most standard garbage disposals are continuous-feed models. Batch-feed disposals automatically run after pressing a special stopper to your sink’s drain. Once the stopper is in place, the disposal grinds up the batch of waste left in your drain. Because of the special stopper, these disposals are generally safer than continuous-feed disposals.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here for all of your garbage disposal needs. We offer a wide selection of the best garbage disposals from top brands including KitchenAid, Insinkerator, and more, providing the perfect choice for your food disposal needs. Be sure to browse our array of food disposal tools today.

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