Trash Compactors

Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or cleaning in the bathroom, you’re producing plenty of waste. All that garbage has to go somewhere, and while recycling cabinets and garbage disposals can handle plenty of trash, they aren’t intended to handle heavy-duty waste. In order to meet your trash and food disposal needs, consider installing a trash compactor.

Trash compactors reduce trash volume by literally compacting food waste and other garbage. After throwing away your trash in the compactor’s bin, it will use ramming force to push down on your waste, making more space in the bin for more trash. This helps you pack together as much trash as possible, reducing the number of trips you take to the garbage can. Moreover, many trash compactors feature odor management systems and filters that keep bad smells out of your home.

Most trash compactors feature built-in designs, and are installed under your kitchen counters between cabinets for easy access. Compactors come in a range of designs featuring both wood panel and stainless steel exteriors, helping you find the perfect model for your kitchen.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center boast a wide variety of the best trash compactors from top brands including Monogram, Jenn-Air, and KitchenAid, providing the perfect solution to your trash and food disposal needs. Be sure to browse our selection of food disposal tools today.

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