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You can’t be a great home chef without a great oven. There are a host of great cooking options for you, from standard electric ovens to wall ovens, steam ovens, electric oven/microwave combos, and more. For faster cooking times, you should consider a speed oven.

It’s easy to think of a speed oven as a cross between a traditional oven and a microwave. Speed ovens function like a regular oven, but offer faster cook times and are smaller in size. These appliances are able to cook faster by alternating between microwave, convection, and grill methods, switching between settings for efficient cooking. A standard baking cycle on a speed oven will be about 90 percent convection with 10 percent microwave. By switching between different heating methods, your food is prepared quickly without the rubbery quality that comes from microwaving certain dishes.

Speed ovens typically feature a variety of preset cooking cycles that automatically switch between different cooking methods, providing delicious results that are easy to achieve.

There are a wide variety of speed ovens available, and you’ll definitely want to search Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center’s options for the perfect fit. We offer the best speed ovens from the top manufacturers including Wolf, Bertazzoni, Miele, and more, helping you find the right choice for your kitchen.

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