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Your kitchen needs to be a clean cooking space, and a quality range hood will help make that possible. Hoods come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs depending on your kitchen needs. From downdraft range hoods and island hoods to under cabinet hoods and wall mount hoods, there are options to fit any kitchen design. And if you’re looking for versatility in your hood, you should consider a convertible hood.

A convertible hood is able to utilize both external vents or filter systems to suck cooking residue like smoke, steam, and airborne grease out of your kitchen. When attached to your home’s ventilation system, the convertible hood uses its fan to push airborne waste and irritants out of your kitchen. And when set to the filter system, the hood sucks up that waste and pushes it through a series of filters that remove harmful materials and recirculate the clean air back into your kitchen. Convertible hoods provide ease of use and flexibility perfect for any kitchen. The ability to switch between different ventilation settings lets you adjust according to your needs, and will ensure you can install the hood in any type of kitchen.

Installing a convertible hood will guarantee your cooking space stays beautiful and clean for years. Universal Appliances and Kitchen Center offers an impressive selection of the best convertible hoods from the top manufacturers, helping you find the perfect choice to keep your kitchen clean.

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