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Porcelain in Appliances

Where did the porcelain go?

Back in the day, nearly all major appliances used porcelain somewhere. Dishwashers had porcelain tubs. Washers and dryers had porcelain tops and lids, and most washers had porcelain tubs. Early ranges used porcelain everywhere, and even today ranges use porcelain oven interiors and many have porcelain tops. Refrigerators evolved from porcelain inside and out (including crispers and liners) to now having no porcelain whatsoever. Porcelain finishes were desirable and manufacturers bragged about them.

Making porcelain on steel appliance parts is a complex and expensive process. In addition, environmental issues exist not only at the manufacturing level, but also in disposing of appliances at the end of life. Therefore, over time manufacturers have greatly reduced the use of porcelain in appliances.

Inexpensive dishwashers now have plastic tubs, and upscale models feature stainless steel interiors. Refrigerators have plastic crispers and interiors which also allow energy-saving foam-in-place insulation. While you might find washers and dryers with porcelain tops, many now feature a high gloss, durable, painted finish. Inside, very few washers have porcelain tubs. Inexpensive washers might have plastic tubs, while the premium models have tubs made of stainless steel. However, range ovens and built-in ovens still use primarily porcelain for their oven interiors.

As a consumer, you should take note of the appliances you have that have porcelain finishes or interiors. When it comes time to dispose of these products, they'll need to be properly recycled. Check local or state regulations and find a certified recycling center for your appliance. If you're a Southern California resident, you'll want to replace that old appliance with a new one from Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center. They'll make sure that you get a great deal on your new appliance, and they'll help you with the best solution for recycling your old one.

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April 25, 2016
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