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How Smart are Your Appliances?


What is a Smart Appliance?

When the first oven that had a temperature control on its oven came out, I'm sure that it was called a smart oven. Similarly, the first refrigerator that defrosted itself, was considered a smart refrigerator.

But imagine this: You're baking cookies, and the oven reaches 350 degrees. You hate it when the kitchen heats up, but what can you do? Your new Jenn-Air® wall oven with Nest connectivity, will communicate with the furnace to drop the temperature a few degrees to compensate for that extra heat from your oven.


Now, that's a smart appliance. It's just one of the many connectivity features available in appliances these days. There are a host of new appliances with smart features from top brands now available at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

Smart Jenn-Air Appliances at UAKC

We're only touching on one brand here, but the professionals at UAKC receive regular updates from the appliance manufacturers and can give you the direction you need to make your own smart decisions on today's smart appliances. Here's a brief introduction to the new connected wall ovens from Jenn-Air:

More and more appliance buyers are enjoying the incredible conveniences and luxuries that smart homes and products like the Nest Learning Thermostat add to their lifestyle. They love the way Nest already connects their home to security devices and cameras, and they'll love the idea of Nest working in the kitchen too.

Larger than before, this new Jenn-Air® single wall oven offers 5.0 cubic feet of oven capacity and advanced cooking capabilities with the next-generation Wi-Fi Connected Jenn-Air® Culinary Center and 7-inch touch-anywhere digital display. Using two vertically-stacked convection fans, the V2™ vertical dual-fan convection system distributes 6,800 watts of convection cooking power to achieve exceptional results.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection System
  • Jenn-Air® Culinary Center
  • 7-Inch Full-Color Touch-Anywhere LCD Display
  • DuraFinish™ Protection
  • Soft, Auto-Close Door
  • Halogen Theater Lighting
  • 5.0 Cubic Foot Oven Capacity

*All Jenn-Air connected wall ovens now work with Nest via the Jenn-Air mobile app, automatically cooling down the home when the oven reaches their pre-defined temperature limit and sending an alert should the oven ever be left on.

For more information on Jenn-Air connected appliances or other fine appliances and decorative plumbing fixtures call or visit the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Centers.

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December 08, 2016
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