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Should You Replace Your Appliances During Your Kitchen Remodel?

Should You Replace Your Appliances During Your Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can be a fun way to improve your home, but it can be a costly process. If you want to set your budget, you may end up asking yourself if you should replace your appliances during your remodel.


While price is an important factor in your remodel, you do need to think about how your current appliances will impact the overall aesthetics. There is no point in going to the expense of new cabinets and countertops if the eye will be drawn to tatty, old appliances. Unless you are planning on putting your appliances behind cabinetry, you will need to take an honest look at the appearance of your appliances. Most kitchen appliances can have a tough life, and this can show in the finish. So, if your white appliances are looking a little yellow or the shine has gone from your stainless steel finish, it could be time for an upgrade.

You also need to think about the new look of your kitchen. If you’re going for a more traditional look, contemporary appliances will look out of place.


You also need to consider the functionality of your appliances. If your oven struggles to get to the desired temperature, your fridge tends to run hot or your dishwasher is prone to leaks, these appliances have no place in a new kitchen.

You should also think about whether a new appliance with the latest features will add to the functionality of your kitchen. If your appliances are getting a little older, you may be pleasantly surprised at the new features that are available.

Considerations for Your New Appliances

If you’ve decided that you want new appliances for your new kitchen, there are some things you will need to consider before you make any purchases.

Take Careful Measurements

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, it is the ideal time to upgrade to larger appliances if you need them. So, if you’ve been feeling frustrated about the size of your refrigerator or need another oven, now is the time to plan larger appliances into your kitchen design.

You will need to take careful measurements and discuss your requirements with your kitchen planner.

Consider Finishes

These days, there are far more appliance finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits the aesthetics of your new kitchen. From classic white to contemporary black stainless, you can pick an appliance finish that will look great with your kitchen cabinetry.

Just bear in mind that if you are not replacing all of your existing appliances, you will need to coordinate your new appliances with any you’re leaving in place. The alternative to this is to disguise your old appliances behind cabinetry, in which case the finish will not matter.

Look at the Feature Set

It is also important to assess the feature set of the new appliances. This is the time to consider new features that can enhance the functionality of your kitchen. If you’re a keen baker, consider an oven with a steam feature or if you want to make your cooking super efficient, think about an induction cooktop. If you haven’t bought new appliances in a while, you may be surprised at the latest innovations.

Assess Energy Efficiency

Finally, don’t forget to assess the energy efficiency of your new appliances. The cost of new appliances can start to add up, but you can offset this initial investment with energy savings. This can also help you to have a greener home.

If you are considering upgrading your appliances for your kitchen remodel, you can browse your options with our online collection or speak to one of our home appliance specialists for additional help.

January 17, 2022
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