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50 Shades of Grey in Appliances

Grey Appliances at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

There are many shades of grey in appliances.

Even though stainless steel is the dominant color/finish in major appliances, most major appliance manufacturers offer choices in the colors and finishes that they produce, including shades of stainless, silver, and yes of course, grey.


Frigidaire Smudge-Proof Stainless

Stainless steel itself comes in different grades and types that also look different. Even within a brand or a given model there can be differences. For example, the stainless steel interior of a dishwasher can be an entirely different type of stainless steel and have a different finish than the dishwasher's exterior. Generally, manufacturers try to match the stainless finish on the outside of their appliances, but if you're mixing brands, you could easily find discernible differences in appearance from brand to brand.

Frigidaire offers a stainless steel that is smudge-proof. It's real stainless steel that has been treated to prevent the feared fingerprint smudges. It does seem to work quite well. Both GE and Whirlpool have in the past offered lines of faux stainless, eg. painted silver appliances. A quick check of their websites shows a very limited offer of silver or satin appliances.


GE Slate Appliances

However, GE introduced a line of Slate appliances a couple of years ago, that has become quite successful. It's a shade of grey that you might like very much. It's clearly NOT faux stainless steel and doesn't pretend to be, but it will provide your kitchen with a nice contrast from the white or stained wood cabinets in many kitchens.


BlueStar Grey Range

Among its color selections, Viking offers a Graphite Gray, and BlueStar has a whopping 750 variations of colors and finishes. For your own shade of grey or even stainless steel appliances and plumbing fixtures call or visit the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.




February 16, 2015
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