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Robern Vanities at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center


Vanities from Robern will Beautify and Organize Your Bath

Known for their quality in bath storage and grooming solutions, Robern Vanities offer a host of products that will handle your storage and organization while beautifying your bathroom environment. Here’s just one example:

Shared Family Bathroom with Robern V14 Vanity


A blissful bathroom experience is possible, even in the busiest of bathrooms. By installing V14 Vanities in a shared family bathroom (or multiple ganged V14 Vanities), every member of the family can store and find their personal effects within the large, organized drawers. Removable glass bins ensure that the V14 Vanity can keep up with changes in people and priority and the glass exterior enables easy cleaning. Despite heavy usage, the quality construction and attractive features of the V14 Vanity mean your shared bathroom will enjoy luxurious appeal year after year.

Designed to gang horizontally or stack vertically, the V14 Vanity lets you create a unique layout with smartly designed storage space. Vanities like the V14 can work great with any organizational style.

With its modular design, the V14 Vanity line enables a homeowner to have a storage unit specifically designed to fit the space and handle each user’s specific needs. Accessories include lighting, electrical outlets, and vanity tops available in Engineered Stone and Glass.

Robern V14 Vanity Features:
• Vanity widths: 24, 30, and 36 inches
• Push-to-open drawer
• Three drawer options: Plumbing access, full-width, and slim drawer insert
• Aluminum trim on side panel
• Built-in night light (optional)

• Stock colors: Black, White, Beach
• Special order colors: Tinted Grey Mirror, Satin Bronze, Satin White, Ocean, Silver Screen, Smoke Screen
• Digital Wood colors: European Ash, Santos Rosewood, Indian Rosewood, Smooth Leaved Elm, Freijo, Oak Knot

About Robern:
Robern is a subsidiary of Kohler Co. based in Bristol, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1968 and a leader in bathroom storage and grooming solutions, Robern combines functional design with innovative features.

For more information about Robern, other plumbing products and fixtures, or major appliances consult the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

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