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Kitchen Remodeling Tips #1: Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes

Make your kitchen standout with unique backsplash colors and designs

The kitchen wall space above countertops and below the upper cabinets, is a great place to add color and creative touches, and contrast. Here are a few examples:

subway tile
Subway Tile continues to be very popular. In addition to the traditional white tiles that you see in…well in subways, these tiles are now available in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes.

Glass patterns and mosaic tiles can be used to tie-in to other kitchen colors, and provide contrast at the same time.

Range backsplash

Range backsplashes provide another opportunity for differentiation. If you choose any material other than tile or glass to go behind a range or cooktop, be certain that it is heat resistant. You should also consider if you'll face any special cleaning issues due to smoke coming off the range.

The space behind appliances and countertops, can get dirty quickly. On a practical side, glass and ceramic tiles can make cleaning a breeze. Choose materials carefully, and consider sealing your grout.

The nice thing about backsplashes is that you get to determine how much contrast and color you wish to add, and where. Even if you're not doing a major kitchen remodel, adding or replacing a backsplash can give you an entirely new “look”.

Of course, another way to achieve a new look in your kitchen, is with new appliances, or sinks and faucets. For the best availability and lowest prices on major appliances and plumbing fixtures contact the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.



January 09, 2015
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