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Party in the Kitchen

Party in the kitchen

It’s officially spring, and summer is right around the corner. We’re in the peak season for afternoon parties and gatherings, and if you’re playing host and looking for ways to keep guests entertained during your events, you might be inclined to gather in the living room or parlor. But if you’ve never considered your kitchen a space for fun, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity.

When you’re all together in the kitchen, you have the chance for a more relaxed, intimate setting, and you’ll have the bonus of keeping all the tools you need for a great get-together right at your fingertips.

Fridges and Chillers

What’s a proper reception without drinks? When prepping a party area, the best tool to utilize is without a doubt a reliable wine cooler. Whether for storing wine or if you just want a place to chill non-alcoholic bottles, this can be an integral part of both your party and your kitchen.

The wine cooler will cultivate the best temperature for drinks when a refrigerator isn’t quite specialized enough for the task. You won’t have to fuss about running out of ice with a chiller like this handy, either.

Additionally, no party is complete without snacks, and a wine cooler can be great extra storage for cheeses, chocolate, olive oil, or anything else that might otherwise bulk up the fridge. With a handy wine cooler, it also offers you the freedom of versatility. Whether you’re pouring drinks or allowing self-serve, this appliance allows easy access for everyone.

While a wine cooler is a great source of extra space, don’t forget the refrigerator entirely! There are a ton of recipes that allow you to prepare appetizers the night before, so there’s no easier way to store them than in the good ol’ fridge. Everything is right at hand, whether it’s a cold dish or one that needs to be quickly popped in the oven.

Island Time

If your kitchen includes an island, you have a fantastic entertainment opportunity. The space gives the wine coolers mentioned a perfect area to create a makeshift bar for your guests to mingle around. Adding stools around it helps further sell the fun illusion.

Don’t feel hindered if your island features a stovetop, either. All the better, you’ll be able to show off your fancy culinary skills while your guests watch and chat. They’ll become a part of the process as they see you work, which is fun and unique to the kitchen alone. One of the best parts about hosting in this part of the house is that you don’t need to feel like you’re a “slave to the stove” while making your entrees and appetizers.

The Atmosphere to Party

Relaxing with friends and family is a wonderful aspect to being in the kitchen. Feel free to cultivate the atmosphere you want further by playing with the lighting, either by using dimmers or candles. Likewise, if you have any sort of surround sound in your kitchen, more’s the better for adding the tunes to create the best mood.

For your upcoming party, don’t feel limited to your living room. Whether as the focal point or as a separate area, your kitchen creates both convenience and fun for your gathering that you wouldn’t find in any other part of your home, just by utilizing appliances you might already have around the house.

And if you’re looking for any of the appliances mentioned in this blog, don’t forget to check out this large collection of compact appliances, so you can start planning your next get-together right away.

April 23, 2018
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