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New Miele Cooktops and Vent Hoods


Coming Soon from Miele

New Induction Cooktops and Matching “Smart” Vent Hoods

Miele has announced new induction cooktops debuting in November 2015 along with new Con@activity Vent Hoods that wireless turn on automatically when the cooktop is engaged.

The new induction cooktop line is available in 30″, 36″, and 48″ widths and includes advanced features described by Miele below:

Key Features:

  • Flexibility – four different widths – 24in, 30in, 36in and 42in
  • Availability of two cooktops without a frame for flush-mounting only (30in KM6365 and 36in KM6375)
  • Enhanced controls for easier operation of the cooktop: Direct Selection (24in unit) and Direct Selection Plus (30in, 36in and 42in units)
  • New “PowerFlex” cooking zone usable for one big pot with up to 7.7kW, two pots or for an induction-ready casserole (like the Miele HUB62-22 new induction-ready casserole).
  • Automated wireless communication between new Induction Cooktops and certain Miele Ventilation Hoods, called Con@ctivity 2.0, which enables consumers to fully enjoy cooking.

The new models will be available from Miele on Nov. 30, 2015, but can be ordered as soon as November 1st. Below is a photo and description of the new 36″ flush mount frameless induction cooktop from Miele.

New Miele Cooktop

KM6375 (Flush-Mounted Frameless 35 7/8″wide)

Con@ctivity 2.0 function – Automatic control

The new Miele hood features a communication function which enables the automatic control of the hood based on the operational status of a Miele cooktop.The cooktop transmits information about its operational status to the hood using a radio signal.

– When a burner is turned on, the cooktop lighting on the hood turns on automatically. After a brief delay, the ventilation hood fan also comes on.
– During cooking, the hood automatically selects the fan level based on the number of burners in operation and their power levels.
– Once you have turned off the cooktop, the fan and the lighting will turn off automatically after a predetermined delay.

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October 14, 2015
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