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New Products from 2017 KBIS/IBS

UAKC Brings New Appliances to Soucal Market

New Dacor Appliances for 2017

At the recent 2017 KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Show) held in Orlando, Dacor Appliances introduced a remarkable new column refrigerator. These built-in column refrigerators have become quite popular in recent years. The single unified door creates appealing uninterrupted vertical lines versus the look of traditional built-in units with a horizontal compressor compartment on the top.

But, column refrigerators are nothing new. What makes this refrigerator unique? Dubbed the Heritage™ Column Refrigeration Collection, the new refrigerators and their companion freezers are equipped with 4 advances that are at the forefront of refrigerator engineering.

1. The new Energy Star® line-up is equipped with an advanced environmentally safer refrigerant and has earned the 2017 E-Star Emerging Technology Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

2. The Dacor Columns tout the largest storage capacity in the industry among comparable width column refrigerators. It's a decided plus: more storage in the same space.

While #1 and #2 above are clear advantages and well-worth mentioning, #3 and #4 below are the convenience features that really caught my attention!

3. “The auto-open door provides virtually hands-free access, and…

4. ..each refrigerator includes a built-in camera that enables owners to monitor their groceries on the Dacor iQ Kitchen™ mobile application,” said Dacor President and CEO Chuck Huebner.

Anybody who has stood in front of the fridge, hands full of groceries, reaching for the door, will appreciate a refrigerator that opens with a simple touch. And the built-in camera which lets you check your refrigerator contents while you are shopping for groceries is one step better than way cool!

Dacor is a company with a strong heritage in cooking. Where does this new infusion of high-tech refrigerator technology come from? Well, it's worth noting that last year Dacor was acquired by Samsung. Now, backed with the resources of one of the World's great technology leaders, it's not surprising to find this Soucal-based American brand Dacor touting industry leading technology in its new refrigerator lineup.


Check out Dacor's great lineup of appliances at your nearest Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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January 17, 2017
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