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New Cooking Solutions from AGA


AGA Integrated Dual Fuel Module

Combined with AGA Total Control or Dual Control Range


AGA Combined Ranges

We’ve recently introduced readers to the AGA Total Control Range, a unique cooking appliance from Europe with 3 cast iron ovens, and 2 giant cooking hobs that support pots and pans of all sizes. Click on the link below to connect to our previous blog on this product:


Now, AGA has rolled out an additional Dual Fuel Module with two ovens and a gas top that can be integrated with their 3 oven AGA Total Control Range above or their AGA Dual Control Range. It’s the Best Of Both Worlds.


AGA Dual Fuel Module

Here’s how AGA describes this add-on opportunity to configure a range the way you want it:

AGA Integrated Dual Fuel Module

The newly released AGA Integrated Dual Fuel Module is designed for those who love the many benefits of their cast iron AGA range and wish to incorporate gas top conventional cooking. This integrated solution attaches to any 3-oven AGA Total Control or 3-oven AGA Dual Control.

Want the ultimate AGA? Use the AGA Integrated Module to create a 7-oven cooking experience.

Think of the opportunities. Connect an AGA 3 oven Range to the AGA Integrated module to create the 5 oven range above with 2 giant cooking hobs on top along with 4 gas burners (natural or L.P. gas). OR Connect an AGA 5 oven range to the integrated model to create a 7 oven range with 2 giant cooking hobs on top AND a griddle, and 4 gas burners.

AGA Products at UAKC

Click on the link above to go to the AGA page on the UAKC website for more information, or call or visit the AGA experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today for advice on AGA and other major appliances or plumbing fixtures.

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August 25, 2015
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