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Locating Your Microwave


Find the right place for your microwave

Creative Design in the Kitchen

One of a design professional’s enduring issues with microwave ovens is where to locate them. Many designers fight the idea of locating the microwave over a range or in an upper cabinet. They argue (correctly in my mind), that it is not ergonomically sound for most homemakers because it is too high, and it’s certainly not ADA compliant in an over the range location.

One solution is an oven microwave combination. It’s certainly doable, but it does require a 24″ deep cabinet top to bottom instead of the more common 12″ upper cabinet over the counter. However, a microwave above the oven is also likely to put the microwave controls a bit too high, and certainly not ADA compliant or universal design.

An option we’ve discussed before is an under counter installation. The main disadvantage of installing a microwave under the counter is that the microwave oven is too low. Manufacturers have worked to overcome this with a slide out drawer and/or controls that are rotated upward. That’s a great solution. Here is another possibility that builders or designers could work into their plan.


I really like this one. Nearly any brand or model of countertop or even drawer microwave oven will fit in this location. This particular Jenn-Air is designed as a built-in microwave, and is available in either a 30″ or 27″ width. The raised granite breakfast bar is also super convenient. Of course this design is not too low, not too high, but just………….right!

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May 11, 2015
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