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Kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget


Budget Kitchen Remodels

3 Great tips – 1 Bad idea

I’ve been searching online for good ideas to remodel a small kitchen on a budget. Not necessarily a full redo, but just a few things that might help perk up the room. Below are three of my favorite tips, and one that I really don’t like much at all.

3 Great Tips

  1. Paint can solve a lot of problems. Need some contrast or brightness in a drab kitchen?Want your backsplash to stand out? Visit a paint store. Take photos of the kitchen and bring in samples. I really prefer the freestanding paint stores over the big box stores. These guys really know paint, and can give you good advice. Of course, if your working with a design professional she or he will be your color expert.

  2. Cabinets dominate the space in your kitchen, but replacing cabinets can blow your budget. Think about painting those wood-stained cabinets. White is very popular these days, and will give your kitchen a bright, updated look. Here are some other ideas that can add some drama to your kitchen.

  3. If you can spare the storage or move it elsewhere, consider removing some or all of your upper cabinets. It’s amazing how much volume your kitchen will gain. For many of us who are…ahem, vertically challenged, those upper cabinets aren’t practical anyway. Consider installing some shelves in the free space or even wall brackets to hand pots on.

    Another idea is to just remove the cabinet doors. Add lighting and use the cabinets for display. You might even think about replacing the cabinet doors with glass doors.

  4. Backsplashes are magical. Here you can use that splash of color to create contrast or just add some interest. With mosaic glass tile you can add some bold color combinations. Various sizes and colors of subway tile can give you the same opportunity.

1 BAD Idea

Use contact paper with a stainless steel finish. This peel-and-stick material is easy to apply and gives you a stainless steel façade without the stainless steel price tag.

This contact paper idea came from a recent blog on a major online publication. Seriously? Yes, really! Putting contact paper on your appliances, doesn’t look good at all, and could be hazardous if you use it on cooktops, ovens or ranges. However, stainless steel appliances can be very expensive. What other options are there? Here are some choices:

A. There are popular entry-level appliance brands that offer stainless steel at competitive prices, eg. Frigidaire, Amana, etc.

B. There are some really nice looking faux stainless steel finishes. GE‘s slate finish offers many advantages and they offer a complete selection of Slate appliances in all major categories, i.e. dishwasher, refrigerator, range, oven, cooktop, etc.

C. You may be able to order stainless panel inserts or fronts for your dishwasher, or refrigerator from the manufacturer or a 3rd party supplier.

So, If you have a small kitchen that you’d like to spruce up, these are 3 ideas from the pros that can get you going. Also, there’s one not so great idea…contact paper on appliances, and 3 alternatives to contact paper. For more ideas about appliances that will help you in your kitchen remodel contact the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.


March 31, 2015
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