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New Induction Downdraft Cooktop From Jenn-Air


Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center Offers Industry First

Leader in Downdraft Venting, Jenn-Air Launches First* Downdraft Induction Cooktop


Downdraft cooking is not new. Jenn-Air lays claim to the first downdraft cooktop in the industry back in the 60's. And the first induction cooktop goes back even further. But, according to current Jenn-Air management*, this Jenn-Air induction downdraft cooktop is an industry first.


The benefits of this combination are really impressive. Induction cooking is often referred to as having all the advantages of gas cooking but none of the disadvantages:

Benefits that Induction Cooking shares with Gas

  • instant on/instant off
  • precision control, and
  • powerful cooking capabilities.

Adding the benefits of Jenn-Air pioneered center-downdraft to induction cooking is a perfect match:

  • center downdraft effectively captures smoke and odor near the source
  • eliminates the need for a cumbersome, unsightly overhead hood
  • improves sight lines
  • installing cooktop on an island becomes more practical without vent hood
  • If outside venting is not possible, a Jenn-AIr duct-free vent kit is available as an accessory

Here's what Jenn-Air has to say about this exciting new addition to their cooktop lineup:


Jenn-Air introduces its first Induction Downdraft cooktop*. This sleek cooktop combines the power and precision of induction cooking with the design flexibility of downdraft ventilation.

This groundbreaking ventilation system is perfect for homes that do not offer exterior venting. It captures smoke, steam and cooking odors while expelling them through a filter and recirculating them into clean air.

The elegant Euro-Style with lighting accents creates a seamless look with easy-to-clean black glass.


While this is clearly an innovative product. The downdraft and induction technology has now been proven over many years. For more information on the new Jenn-Air cooktop or other fine appliances and decorative plumbing fixtures call or visit the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

* In 1977 Jenn-Air introduced an induction cartridge to go with their modular downdraft electric cooktop. Arguably, this was the first downdraft cooktop offering induction capabilities There were several other non-downdraft induction cooktops on the market in this era, but its only been in the last 10-15 years that induction cooktop and range sales have become significant.

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September 01, 2016
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