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Fourth of July Savings


Fourth of July Bargains on the Products You Want

Save Money at UAKC Without Sacrificing

The Fourth of July Holiday is a great time to buy new appliances. Why?

  1. Manufacturers allocate extra promotional funds to attract buyers during traditional holiday sales periods.

  2. These offers are typically additive to other ongoing promotions. So, you save with the ongoing promotions, and you save again with the holiday sale promotion.

Click on the banner below for a list of current manufacturer rebates at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center:

It's possible that some of the short term promotions are not on the rebate list, so we recommend calling or visiting the UAKC showroom nearest you for an update.

In addition to having the best prices possible, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center has a complete selection of popular brands as well as the premium and luxury brands. Equally important, UAKC has experienced and well-trained sales associates who can help you with your purchase. This is a HUGE advantage. You get expert help, best selection, AND the lowest price.

Compare this to the nice folks at the Big Box Home Improvement stores. The last time I visited there, a very nice fellow took me to the product aisle for the product I needed. The cheap version was $209. and the next better item was $229. So I asked him, “What's the difference?” He replied….wait for it…”Twenty dollars.” I'm not kidding. So I said, “There must be some reason this one costs $20 more.” And again, I'm not kidding, he started reading out loud the bullet points on the price tag for each item.

Sales associates at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center are highly trained in the products that they sell. There are in-store one-on-one trainings with local brand representatives, and there are regular product trainings and demonstrations at local brand meetings throughout the year. In addition, many of our suppliers have regional or national training centers that our sales associates rotate through.

Seriously, for the:

Best Prices
Best Selection
Best Sales Help…

And the best overall purchase experience –

Call or visit the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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July 02, 2017
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