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Trends in Dishwashers


Is it time for a new dishwasher?

Houzz has published its 2017 Kitchen Trends Survey. For homeowners planning kitchen renovations, dishwashers are the most likely to be first on the list for replacement. It really isn't a big surprise considering all the changes in dishwashers over the years. Here are the top trends in dishwashers in our view.


Homeowners are increasingly concerned with sanitation, particularly in the kitchen. Some new dishwashers have sani-cycles that are certified by the NSF which requires that the water is heated to 155 degrees fahrenheit and kept there for a certain amount of time. This feature can be particularly important when someone in the home is sick, or if there is a baby to care for.

Energy and Water Savings

While dishwasher manufacturers are all keen on having the EnergyStar label, some dishwashers are more energy efficient than others. They work with smaller highly efficient motors that run quieter (and longer) to get dishes clean while running at whisper quiet sound levels.

In addition, though dishwashers may have long run times, they actually use far less water. That's one reason why they are more energy efficient because a big part of a dishwashers energy usage is the cost of heating the water.


Today's open kitchens make it critical that dishwashers run quietly, and appliance manufacturers tout their “whisper-quiet” dishwashers. In my opinion, to be considered quiet, a dishwasher would have to operate at a decibel rating in the 40's. The really quiet dishwashers are often in the low 40's with a few even with a super low 37-39db rating.

Flush, Sleek Look

With the trend toward the sleek, flush European look, today's dishwashers sometimes have no visible control panel (controls are on top of the dishwasher door). Flush or near flush dishwashers are easier to keep clean, and ones with recessed handles can help avoid issues in corner installations with adjacent drawer handles, etc.

European dishwashers are likely to be super quiet, save water, and energy-saving. They include brands such as Bosch, Asko, and Miele. American brands such as KitchenAid also are known for super quiet models. Of course, over the last few years competition has meant that U.S. dishwasher manufacturers have adopted the same type of wash systems as European dishwashers and they've all been producing quieter, more energy efficient models.

At the entry level prices, you'll still find some “old style” dishwashers, and as you might expect the super quiet, super efficient dishwashers are going to have a bigger price tag. But for the best deal, you'd best contact Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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February 02, 2017
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