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Are Cooking Modules the "New" Thing?

New Cooking Modules From Jenn-Air

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Cooking Modules are individual cooking units that can be mixed and matched to provide a unique combination of cooking options specific to the user. There are several advantages to using modular cooking units.

  1. Converting a Room
    Suppose you convert a room into a separate living room for a grown child or an elderly family member. A cooking module or two would be a great choice for this situation.

  2. Spot Cooking
    You could add a cooking module to a wetbar for added convenience.

  3. Extending your existing range or cooktop.
    You have an awesome gas range, but you've often got too much going on at the same time. You could really use a separate griddle unit for those big family breakfasts. Add a griddle module. Viola!

  4. Expanding your overall cooking capabilities.
    You love what you've got, but often a superfast induction module would be really nice or an separate wok module would help you show off your Asian cooking skill.

  5. Adding a second cooking station.
    Your spacious house is wonderful, but you know realize that a second cooking station would really work well for your family's lifestyle. Avoid the cost of adding a second kitchen by configuring a new cooking area with modular cooking.

When it comes time to get specific, you've now got one more great choice with Jenn-Air modules.

Jenn-Air has long had cooktops with a base model which accepts an array of “plug-in” modules, AND has now entered the category of separate cooking modules with other leading brands such as Wolf, Miele, and Gaggenau.

There's a complete array of Jenn-Air modular units with a gas single and double module, an induction module, and an exclusive induction module with a concave center for induction wok cooking (below). Also, Jenn-Air has added their popular chrome-infused electric griddle (below) to the modular collection.

Jenn-Air's collection of cooking modules wouldn't be complete without a downdraft option. After all, downdraft cooking is what got Jenn-Air started in the first place.

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March 31, 2017
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