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Nobody wants a drab and boring bathroom. A stylish bathroom will provide the perfect location to cleanse your mind and body. To help bring impressive modern flair to your bathroom, consider Barclay Products.

Barclay produces over 500 different styles of bathtubs, sinks, high-tank toilets, showers, and faucets, providing a wide range of options able to meet all your bathroom needs. Of course, the company also produces decorative plumbing hardware and accessories to help with bathroom repairs, maintenance, or customization.

Barclay’s team shows unprecedented dedication to innovating new designs to match shifting styles and tastes. In fact, the company’s management team has traveled all around the world to secure quality and products and design concepts for its brand, heading to countries like Dubai, Argentina, Ecuador, Thailand, and more for new inspiration. Barclay offers international style in its bath décor, bringing a completely fresh feeling to your home. With a wide range of sizes, styles, and designs in all of its products, there’s little doubt you’ll find the perfect choice for you.

For breathtaking, international-inspired style and innovative design, be sure to consider Barclay. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is proud to offer quality Barclay products to you, helping you find the perfect new additions to your home. Be sure to shop our selection of bathroom fixtures and decorative plumbing hardware today.