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Does your outdoor kitchen need a dishwasher?


What? An outdoor dishwasher? You bet! Think about how practical this is to clean up after all your outdoor cooking. No dragging those dirty, dripping barbecue utensils back into the house. Cleanup is a snap because an outdoor rated dishwasher is now available.

Outdoor rated means it is approved for outdoor use. It’s just like an indoor dishwasher, with all the cleaning cycles and capacity, but sturdier, and protected from the outdoor environment. The wiring and electronics are reinforced to withstand harsh conditions of both cold and warm climates.

Operationally, it works the same, and needs hookup to a water supply hose, a drain hose, and of course an electric cord. Your outdoor kitchen may have a grill, a refrigerator, even a pizza oven and microwave, but it’s not complete without this new outdoor dishwasher from Asko.

For pricing and more information contact Universal Kitchen and Bath Center at 12050 Ventura Blvd. Suite B-105, Studio City CA 91604, PH 877 696-2982.


March 31, 2012
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